4711 ICE Cool Cologne - TESTER - no "Cap" so you save $4

4711 ICE Cool Cologne - TESTER - no "Cap" so you save $4
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Product Description

It took the venerable old firm 236 years to find a formula worthy of addition to it's line but find it they did & it's a doozy of a delightful, uber masculine scent !

Launched in 2008, the 4711 Ice Cool Cologne is an aromatic, fruity fragrance for men.

4711 Ice is a fresh citrus, green fragrance which opens with notes of bergamot, pineapple, violet, privet and bergamot. The middle notes of peppermint, peach, mint and lily-of-the-valley provide the cool tones for the fragrance and notes of amber, white musk and cedar wood form the base.

A complex and pleasing fragrance which mutates pleasingly over time at body temperature.

I snagged these TESTERs. They are the same as a regular bottle except they don't have a plastic cap. So you save $4 per bottle because you don't get a 4 cent piece of plastic. Great Frag - Great Deal

5.7 oz classy glass bottle

Maurer & Wirtz, Germany