ALPA - Fine AfterShaves & Fragrances from Eastern Europe for the past 100 Years - TREMENDOUS Values at Bargain Prices

ALPA - Fine AfterShaves & Fragrances from Eastern Europe for the past 100 Years - TREMENDOUS Values at Bargain Prices
The company Alpa A.S. was founded in 1913 in old Emperor Franz Josep's Austro-Hungarian Empire, in the ancient Moravian village of Brno.

Their first product, ALPA rubbing alcohol - was such a hit, that in 1938 there were 196 employees necessary to meet the demand.

In 1948, after the catastrophe of the second World War the company moved to the city of VelkÚ Mezirici.

Today Alpa is one of the oldest and most prestigious cosmetics manufacturers in the Czech Republic.

For fans of original scents from the by-gone imperial era, the supply of Alpa is a true treasure trove of fragrant nostalgia.

Aficianado's can find in Alpa, after shaves and eau de colognes with the classic scents of violet, lily of the valley, clove, Chypre or Fougere.

Ordinary people in East Europe in the 1920s & 1930s could not afford the expensive import fragrances from England or France.

Nevertheless they wanted to wear the favored scents of those days. Besides lavender and rose these were lily of the valley (a clean, neat fragrance), violet (a delicately romantic scent) and clove (the seducer scent).

The Bohemian Factory Alpa offered these scents at an affordable price. Today these clear, nostalgic fragrances are still popular & rightfully so - Alpa gives a high quality product at a bargain basement price.

We became acquainted with Alpa through their pretty amazing Fougere and we like it a lot, a whole lot. Happily, so did the customers who snagged a bottle.

Since the Foug is such an excellent product at a bargain price, we decided to bring in more Alpa products. This was a very good decision on our part (if I do say so myself) and we now offer probably the largest selection of these Czech gems than anyone outside of eastern Europe where these are every day products bought by millions of customers.

If you are not acquainted with Alpa, we suggest you snag a bottle of the Fougere (Fern) but we are confident that any you chose, you will enjoy. As we ourselves have enjoyed each & every one.

Time travel back 100 years and just enjoy, just enjoy.

Alpa KARIAT "Carnation" EdC
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Alpa KONVALINKA "Lily of The Valley" EdC
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