Pasta Del CAPITANO - Italy's Favorite Tooth Paste Since 1903

Pasta Del CAPITANO - Italy's Favorite Tooth Paste  Since 1903
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Originally formulated by Captain Doctor Ciccarelli, Pasta Del Capitano has been a trusted and treasured household name in Italy for over 100 years.

Now available in six tasty and powerful formulations using the most modern and effective ingredients to provide general oral health & combat specific oral problems.

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ORIGINALE (Antibacterial) - characterized by its famous original flavor and comprised of extremely active principles: Triclosan, Fluorine and Essential Oils. Triclosan is the pre-eminent active principle that fights the proliferation of bacteria. It is a compound that, combined with the natural properties of the Essential Oils included in the aroma, acts effectively against bad breath and protects the mouth from the bacterial plaque, preventing gum troubles. The presence of Fluorine guarantees also an enamel protective and reinforcing action. Hence, it is the ideal product for all those who want fresh breath and those who have gums that are particularly sensitive.

ACTION ANTI-TARTAR - the solution for preventing the formation of tartar (a layer of mineralized deposits that forms on the tooth surface). Its active principles are Fluorine salts and Pyrophosphates. The former fight the formation of the plaque by fixing onto the tooth, mineralizing it and increasing its natural defenses. The latter, present as a rule in our saliva, even though in a low concentration, slow down the chemical transformation of the salts responsible for the plaque hardening and, therefore, the tartar formation.

Whitening with Baking Soda - out of all the whitening agents used in modern dentistry turns out that one of the very most effective dates back to your great grand parents day, before toothpaste was even a common household item. Folks used Baking Soda to clean & brighten their teeth. Of course, Capitano's Baking Soda formula combines the latest & greatest ingredients in modern oral care plus the time proven, time tested granddaddy of them all, baking soda.

If it is difficult for you to choose between these advanced innovative formulas or you have several dental problems, do like our family does, just use them all in rotation for the best in oral health and protection.

75 ml tubes.

Made in Milan, Italy.