CARTRIDGE Razor Systems

CARTRIDGE Razor Systems
In the endless, wrangling debate over "DE vs Cartridge" razors, the advantages of multi-blade cartridge systems are often overlooked.

We know all too well that cartridge heads are very expensive. We also know that since multi-blade heads whack the whisker off below the skin line (hysteresus) that razor bumps can occur much more frequently.

Yet, all that being said, multi-blade heads do deliver an incredibly smooth, close shave, very easily. The shaver can be borderline unconscious & still get a superb shave using a cartridge system without much concentration on the task or any skill whatsoever.

While debatable, my personal experience indicates that few weepers & nicks occur when mowing with a cartridge head. Not that I "mess up" that often but occasionally I do get distracted.

If you are shaving, ahem, hard to reach places, a cartridge offers an advantage. Many head shavers also prefer a cartridge razor for that task.

The handle of the typical cartridge system is laughable. Cheap, plastic, guady looking to the point of being low-class, horrible colors, neon twists....just plum Uglee :)

We're pleased to offer a superb selection of cartridge razors that take the ugly out of cartridge shaving.

Our offerings are from world class, leading manufacturer's & design studios.

Most fit either the Mach III or Fusion cartridge head but not both (incompatibly courtesy of the bean counters at Gillette). We have tried to make it very clear which heads fit which handles but do make sure you read the descriptions so you correctly select the cartridge system you prefer.