CERA Di CUPRA - Anti-Spot Cream aka Protective Clarifying Cream

CERA Di CUPRA - Anti-Spot Cream aka Protective Clarifying Cream
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Product Description

Cera di Cupra Anti-spot Clearing Cream is the effective answer to the problem of dark spots on the skin caused by excessive and inconsistent production of melanin. It acts via an innovative formula, which contains:

* NaturComplex®: a clarifying complex based on natural extracts from the Mediterranean (olive, caper, citrus, rice) which inhibits the production of melanin;

* Glycolic Acid: thanks to its exfoliating properties, it smoothes out and clarifies the skin's colour;

* UV Filters: protect the skin against the effects of UV rays, performing an anti-ageing effect and preventing the appearance of dark spots.

It has been proven that use of the product allows a reduction of three o four times the amount of skin pigmentation after 20 days of treatment.

The cream has a light texture, is rapidly absorbed and brings wellbeing and softness to the skin.

During the period of treatment, it also protects the skin against the erythematic action of the sun's rays. Recommended to be used regularly every day for optimal results.

Please note: we have these in Italian packaging & English packaging. The Italian packaging is Anti-Spot (in Italian) but they translate that as "Protective Clarifying Cream" in English. Both are the same only the packaging is different.

30 ml airless bottle

Made in Milano, Italy