CERA Di CUPRA - Daily Moisturizing Fluid

CERA Di CUPRA - Daily Moisturizing Fluid
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Product Description

Daily Moisturising Fluid is a gentle emulsion perfect for all types of skin. It helps maintain the level of moisture that the face's skin needs, and replenishes its natural fluids, keeping it young, soft and elastic and protecting it against dryness. The formula contains valuable ingredients such as Sericin, which is obtained from silk and provides softness, Hyaluronic Acid which moisturises, creating a film that prevents loss of fluids from the inside, and Panthenol, or Provitamin B5, which helps provide long-lasting moisturization.

Perfect as make-up base thanks to its rapid absorption, it leaves the skin supple, soft and nourished the all daylong.

Besides, the practical and innovative bottle with dispenser makes it easy and fast to use.

Generous 125 ml bottle

Made in Milano, Italy