Collectible Blades - RBWs

Collectible Blades - RBWs
Razor Blade collecting has been very very popular in Europe for many decades.

Many vintage blades from the 20's through the 50's & even the early 60's came wrapped in intricate, artistic & thematic wrappers & cardboard packs.

In Europe, most wrappers are collected without the blades. In the US, we tend to collect wrappers with blades in them. Many of the older wrappers contained "blue" or carbon steel blades which frankly are usually in pretty bad shape. Blades were too expensive not to use, so they were used & then replaced in their wrappers by their original collectors.

The condition of the blade is irrelevant to the value of the wrapper. Value is a function of condition & of scarcity of the paper wrapper.

We hope you enjoy this section and that it inspires non-collectors to become collectors & offers collectors a chance to add specimens to their collection. We will be adding to our offerings, so check back often.

If you are a collector with duplicates to sell or you just need to raise cash by disposing of all or part of your collection, please contact us as we may well be interested in acquiring blades from you.

Note: if approximate date or manufacturing/origin information is not mentioned it's because it's unknown to me.
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