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Product Description

You've nailed the one you love. Now, use Domination, to ensure your Domestic Harmony by bringing him to heel. Bend him to your Will to have him do as you please when it pleases you to do so.

We only sell this to you with the understanding that you will be ultra-responsible when using this product as this powerful oil can be used to reduce your lovers to slobbering, helpless and pathetic fools when worn by a mean or vindictive femme fatale.

This product is also excellent for shy ladies as it will greatly increase your will power, determination and self-confidence. Once you have reached a certain plateau of serene self-confidence in yourself and your feminine powers you will be much better at "drawing" the people you wish for companions and friends. You may then use this oil to Dominate them.

1/2 oz (14.7 ml) Glass Bottle