DOVO Straight Razors - Classic Solingen Steel - CLOSE OUT PRICING

DOVO Straight Razors - Classic Solingen Steel - CLOSE OUT PRICING
According to the documents held by the magistrate's court of the then independent local authority of Wald, near Solingen, the company DOVO Steelware was founded in 1906. At the beginning, DOVO was purely a factory producing open razors, with a forge and hollow grinding shop. The founders, Mr. Dorp and Mr. Voos, employed 13 staff.

By 1930, Solingen had become bigger through the incorporation of outlying villages, (including Wald), and the law passed in 1938 to protect the name of Solingen gave it greater pride and security as well as a still greater sense of local identity.

As Mr. Dorp and Mr. Voos wanted to retire, Fritz Bracht took over the DOVO company shortly before the second World War. A good move, as the small knight with sword and hammer had meanwhile made inroads into the markets in Western Europe and North America. Even during the war, the symbol of the knight managed to find its way abroad and to become established there.

DOVO straight razors are very highly regarded by savvy shavers world-wide. They are very Sharp works of the metallurgical arts.

DOVO razors are delivered, factory honed and shave ready.