EDWIN JAGGER LHCSR - Chatsworth - Faux HornZoom

EDWIN JAGGER LHCSR - Chatsworth - Faux Horn

Item# 02-EJ-Chatsworth-LHCSR
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The Chatsworth is one of the most highly regarded safety razors in wet-shavedom.

Beautifully designed, beautifully balanced, impeccably made. The Chatsworth's are hand assembled by expert craftsmen using the finest materials and most advanced production techniques.

This exquisite tool has a chrome plated collar and a heavyweight handle in a beautiful, light horn acrylic. A very lovely and classy razor.

This Chatsworth is fitted with Jagger's new, closed comb head which has excited a lot of interest among experienced wet-shavers. Makes smooth, close, irritation free shaving almost effortless.

The razor is 4 3/4 " overall length and weighs a hefty 4.0 ounces.

Made in England.
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