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Edwin Jagger Diffusion DE89-811 - Blazing Chrome - Octagonal Handle

Edwin Jagger Diffusion DE89-811 - Blazing Chrome - Octagonal Handle
Item# 01-EJ-89-811
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Sale price: $32.00
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Product Description

The Edwin Jagger Diffusion Range is a lovely fruition of classic sensibility coupled with contemporary design.

The new 2011 range of exclusively designed, manufactured Edwin Jagger safety razors provides traditional wet shavers with an opportunity to purchase a safety razor, slightly lighter than the original Edwin Jagger DE design with the balance weighted slightly further down the handle (Towards the head) compared to our 2009 designs.

The handle is a octagonal chrome plated which gives the razor great balance and lets the weight of the head do all the work. A three piece traditional razor which works with all double edge razor blades. Packaged in a handsome presentation box.

This new, closed comb head has excited a lot of interest among experienced wet-shavers.

The razor is chrome and due to Jagger's unheard of & unmatched 50 hour chrome polishing process, it is a true BLAZER. Talk about boi-bling, this is it. If you are a lover of all things chrome, you will love this puppy !!

The Edwin Jagger name is imprinted around the collar of the razor.

Load your favorite double edge blade and enjoy a truly gourmet shaving experience.

This beautifully balanced razor runs 3 3/4" in overall length and boasts a weight of 2.1 ounces.

Made in Sheffield, England.