EDWIN JAGGER - Superb ShaveKit & SkinCare from Sheffield England - HUGE SALE 30% or More ON ALL JAGGER Products

EDWIN JAGGER - Superb ShaveKit & SkinCare from Sheffield England - HUGE SALE 30% or More ON ALL JAGGER Products
Sheffield, England has been a world leader in metallurgical science and crafts since the days of Knights and Fair Maidens.

In the fiery forges of Sheffield's foundries, were hammered and pounded that swords that slew St George's dragon, the mighty battle axes that split Grendel asunder and the most magnificent of all swords, King Arthur's EXCALIBUR.

From Sheffield metal works, streamed the weapons that built the British Empire.

Sheffield provided the cutlery to ply the butcher's trade and adorn the tables of high born and commoner.

For centuries, the words "Made in Sheffield" were the stamp of quality of the world's best metallic products.

In the early 20th century, Sheffield, along with Boston & Solingen produced the best double edged blades which shaved the world.

In the mid 20th century, mighty Sheffield fell upon hard times and went into decline from it's glory days.

In 1988, a visionary, Neil Jagger, founded EDWIN JAGGER, named in honor of his grandfather, in Sheffield.

Mr Jagger spent the first months after starting his company, focusing on designing his beautiful range of hand made shaving tools and accessories.

He also focused on enlisting Sheffield's most skilled and illustrious craftsmen to manufacture his exclusive products.

With the foundation of EDWIN JAGGER, the Sheffield Renaissance was on. The glory days of Sheffield are not behind her but lay in the years ahead.

Using special methods of production and marshaling the highest level of metallurgical craftsmanship, Edwin Jagger manufactures truly wonderful and exquisite products, elegantly designed and built using the highest quality materials by the best craftsmen in Sheffield and finished to perfection; built to last a life time.

EDWIN JAGGER is family owned and family run. The JAGGER name is stamped with pride upon all of their exquisite offerings.

ShoeBox ShaveShop is extremely happy to be able to offer to our valued customers the EDWIN JAGGER line of shaving products.

Buy with confidence, buy for a lifetime, buy EDWIN JAGGER.

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