EDWIN JAGGER - 99.9% Natural - SHAVE SOAP in Travel Tub

EDWIN JAGGER - 99.9% Natural - SHAVE SOAP in Travel Tub
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Product Description

Edwin Jagger's great shave soap in a handy Plastic Travel Tub. Perfect at Home or on the road !!!

All Jagger shave soaps are 99.9% natural, paraben & parafin free. Jagger uses only the finest essential oils and ingredients in these soaps. Contains glycerin to soften the beard & beeswax to stand it up nice and straight for the mow.

These deliverance high performance lather in a choice of great skincare formulations.

Use handy Pull-Down menu to select Formulary.

Lime & Pomegranite: An exquisite aroma. Lime has outstanding anti-microbial & anti-septic properties & pomegranite is one of nature's strongest anti-oxididants. Ideal for dry or sensitive skin.

Sandalwood: Harvested from small Santalum Album trees grown in Indonesia. The exquisite aroma is woody, spicy, rich, sweet, subtly delicate and floral. Only rare essential oil, not cheap fragrance oil, is used in formulating this luxury shave soap. Sandalwood has outstanding anti-inflammatory properties to facilitate an irritation free shave. It is also antimicrobial and antiseptic. Ideal for dry or sensitive skin.

Aloe Vera: One a nature's greatest natural skincare products. Alexander the Great used Aloe to treat war wounds due to it's ancient renown for it's skin healing properties. Only the finest ingredients are used by Jagger in this superb soap. Soothes burn, replenishs, moisturizes a restores skin elasticity, and anti-septically heals. Excellent for sensitive skin.

All Edwin Jagger skincare products are close to the skins natural PH helping to avoid sensitivity reactions, allergies and skin dehydration,

All Edwin Jagger skincare products nourish, soothe and revitalise the shaven skin.

All Edwin Jagger skincare products help moisturise and protect facial skin from damage caused by the weather, air conditioning or extremes of temperature.

All Edwin Jagger skincare products reduce artificial and mineral oil components entering the waste water systems thereby contributing towards protection of the environment

65 gram (2.4 oz) puck. 2.25" in diameter