FATIP - Distinctive Italian Flair Open Comb DE Razors

FATIP - Distinctive Italian Flair Open Comb DE Razors
FATIP began in Milan in the 1950’s.

The original manufacturer was bought out by an artisan scissor manufacturer. They took over the machinery and materials and continued the production for a few years then suspended it.

In the 1980’s, with innovative equipment and processes, that manufacturing started again and the FATIP brand was re-launched from the original designs.

The quality & performance of the product was greatly improved, while maintaining the distinctive very Italian stylistic characteristics of the razor.

FATIP is respected and loved the world over for its style, handling and precision.

All FATIP Double Edge Safety Razors have the characteristic “open comb” head that made these products so special and famous all around the world.

FATIP razors are available in 3 distinctive designs and 4 finishes: Nickel, Chrome. Gold Effect and the new Gun Metal Black.

These are fabulous looking razor with great performance at an affordable price.

Recommended for All types of skin and especially those looking for a very close shave.