Feather ARTIST CLUB - Razors - 6 Models

Feather ARTIST CLUB - Razors - 6 Models
Feather is a world class company specializing in sharp cutting instruments. Feather surgical tools reside in many operating rooms & surgical suites at the worlds best hospitals and surgical facilities.

Feather's Double Edge Razor blades are reknowned for sharpness and quality. Many savvy shavers will shave with no other blades.

Feather's Artist Club straight razors offer a modern, truly innovative update for traditional shaving implements. No more stropping & honing; Artist Club straight razors use replaceable blades.

The ultimate "replaceable blade" shaving razor that is made to near surgical standards to deliver a comfortable & close shave.

Artist Club handles are made of beautiful woods or composite alloy metal, which facilitates smooth, sanitary shaving. Artist Club razors resist heat, chemicals and other environmental impurities.

Designed to ergonomically provide excellent grip and control, the enamel gum handles are made from synthetically engineered gum resin which resists heat up to 135.

The blade head is a spring-mounted, one-touch mechanism and can easily be dismantled and reassembled for cleaning. The razor is autoclavable and disinfectant safe, making them perfect to use in commercial barbering establishments.

Cleaning Note: The Artist Club razors can be disinfected by either boiling or using ethanol. The razor head can easily be dismantled and cleaned from the inside by rinsing water directly on the mechanism. Do not use "sodium hypochlorite" (Clorox) or other acids for cleaning/disinfecting.

Uses FEATHER Artist Club Professional Blade Series. To change out & reload a blade simply pinch the razor head and the blade will drop out. It could not be easier.

Changing the blade is fast and easy. Please use caution when changing blades.