Full Pack Blade Mania - 50 different packs of DE Blades

Full Pack Blade Mania - 50 different packs of DE Blades
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Product Description

Buy a pack of all the DE blades we have in stock. Where we have multiple packaging options for a blade (ie - Feathers, Racers, Big Ben) we'll send you the 5 pack option.

You'll get a good savings on 53 packs of blades.

Wilkinson Indians

Wilkinson White Germany

Wilkinson Black Germany

Wilkinson White NOS

Wilkinson Economie

Gillette 7oc Black/Platinum

Gillette 7oc Grn/Stainless Steel

Gillette 7oc Yellow/Sharp Edge

Gillette Silver Blue

Gillette 365's

Gillette Super-Thin (Thailand)

Gillette Nacet Platinum

Treet Platinum

Treet Classic Dura-Sharp

Trig Stainless

Treet DuraStainless



Lord Platinum SuperStainless

Lord Extra

Lord Classic

Lord Cool

Asco Red

Asco Orange

Asco SuperStainless

BigBen Blue

Racer Black Super Stainless Extra

Rainbow Plus Extra


Crown SuperStainless Blue

Crown SuperStainless Red Stripe

Bolzano Inossidablile

Derby Extra Super Stainless

SuperMax Platinum

SuperMax Stainless


Dorco 300

Dorco 301ST




Astra Superior Platinum

Astra Super Stainless

Personna Plat Chrome

Personna Red Platinum Israeli

Sharp Stainless

7am Platinum

Bic Platinum Chrome

Elios Stainless


Plus whatever else we may have gotten in since this was written.