GILLETTE model # 102 - "Old" Style - WW I US Army Khaki Set

GILLETTE model # 102 - "Old" Style - WW I US Army Khaki Set
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1918 Gillette US ARMY Khaki Set.

These sets are pretty scarce and include a Gillette three piece "Old" style nickel plated razor, a nickel plated blade bank and a soft khaki case.

This particular set features open comb #102 old style razor with a nicely balanced ball-end handle.

The open comb teeth are straight and ready to give you a close shave. The head features the old school duo-stabilizer pins to secure the blade in the head. These heads are known for shaving very close & very smooth.

Overall the razor & blade bank are in very good condition,'

Slight Plating wear on handle and blade bank, handle has a few dark dots which may (or may not) clean up but they are not particularly detracting.

Blade bank has some light scuffs, a minor scratch but overall condition is very good.

The case is the rarer soft, folding snap button Khaki case. Imprinted on inside flap: "Property Of US Army" "Known The World Over" "Khaki Set" as well as the Gillette diamond logo.

The male parts of the snaps have popped free of the cover but are embedded into the female heads & intact.

As can be seen on left side of case, the flap is there but hanging on by a couple of threads. This is easily repairable if you are so inclined.

Overall the case is in terrific condition considering that it is cloth & nearly 100 years old.

Great addition to any razor collection & as shave ready now as it was in WW I. This kit would have been a real treat to the Doughboys hunkered down in the trenches & it's a treat to this day !

I have seen these go for upwards of $145 on eBay.