Gillette SLIM Adjustable TTO Safety Razor J-1 1964

Gillette SLIM Adjustable TTO Safety Razor J-1 1964
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Product Description

Very Collectible as well as usable: Gillette SLIM Adjustable safety razor (3 1/2" handle).

Date code is J1. Made in USA.

The handle knurling on this model is superb as is the handle finish.

These razors were well built and give wonderful shaves. Adjustable (Settings 1 - 9) to customize your shave, TTO for ease of loading blades. The TTO doors open fully and smoothly.

The overall condition of this specimen is excellent with no signs of brassing. The adjustment mechanism & TTO work very smoothly.

The original packaging for this beauty is included and in near perfect condition.

Head assembly & handle is brass plate with nickel finish. This razor is in wonderful working condition.

Only flaw on this beaut is that the end cap at bottom of TTO control is missing. That's why I knocked the price down 20 bux.

If you are a collector, don't let this one get away.