The special recipe of the GOLD DACHS Shaving Soap combined with warm water and a good shaving brush ensures a dense and creamy foam.

GOLD DACHS Soap has an excellent formula to soften and lixiviate the beard and in combination with a good blade gives an extreme precise and longlasting shave.

A wet shave with GOLD DACHS products guarantees: a perfect outcome for a perfect day.

Featuring a line-up of superbly luxurious products, GOLD DACHS has made it big as an European classic in the world of shaving.

GOLD DACHS products are produced with the finest quality ingredients using state of the art processes to deliver the Best to their clientele.

GOLD DACHS products are best sellers in the European market.

Made in Solingen, Germany

GOLD DACHS  Classic Natural Shaving Soap in a Snazzy Tin
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Sale price: $19.54
Gold Dachs Classic Shaving Soap - 60 gram Puck
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Sale price: $13.44
GOLD DACHS  Moustache Comb/Brush
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Sale price: $20.96