Half Blades - For Barber Razors & "Shavettes"

Half Blades - For Barber Razors & "Shavettes"
It's tedious & potentially danged DANGEROUS to be breaking your DE blades in half so you can use them in your barbering razor or Shavette style straight razors.

Shavettes are superb for little touch ups when you shave. Especially around the hard to read nasal filtrum.

I think everybody could benefit from a Shavette especially since they're not expensive & they are a very very handy bit of shave kit.

We're offering some danged good half blades at various price points across the spectrum. These are not expensive and they are way way safer than breaking your blades in half.

These will work in any barber razor or Shavette that uses halved DE blades.

Save time, save money, save some possible blood shed, buy & use our half blades.