Hoyt's Cologne - Original 1868

Hoyt's Cologne - Original 1868
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Hoyt's Cologne was an old product (1868) even when this old man was a kid himself. This was one of the products of choice of my old man & most of the WW II vet's that had come home from their hell spent youth.

A drenching in Hoyt's erased the stank of cordite & the rank smell of young men's death. Hoyt's was love & reproduction. Hoyt's smelled of life. Hoyt's was heady, Hoyt's was the promise of some hot romance to come.

I was too young to understand any of that at the time.

My generation "moved on" to other scents: "Mod" Frags, Way more expensive products. Way cooler products to our minds(but we were wrong as usual, in retrospect).

Over the years I poured gallons of very pricey, very elite designer odors over this old carcass to remove the stench of a life ill lived for the most part. Am not sure if they worked or not...Cuz, you know what? Wot ? I DON'T REMEMBER ANY OF THEM !!!! NOT ONE STINKING ONE OF'EM !!!

Wouldn't remember them again if you drowned me in them. All of them were slightly different but somehow really fundamentally the same. A few basic scents, generally sweetened up some, & an endless variety of "designer" bottles with the latest trendoid designer name but always somehow the same-o-same-o. Trendy was the smell of the "Worst Generation", my generation, the "Self Centered" generation, Gen F.

But you know what? Wot? As soon as I opened the Hoyt's & took a whiff, it hit me: This is the real McCoy, This is an original product. This is the great lost one. This is a MASTERPIECE. This is genius in a bottle. In short, this is the "Good Stuff", a remarkable and incomparable scent.

The last 50 years of fragrance have basically been culturally SCENT "pretense" & "posing". a faux hipness, a Borg Cube; everybody dresses the same & everybody smells the same.... while the genuine article sat on a few dusty shelves, overlooked, unappreciated, scorned -- Like traditional DE shaving itself.

Old = Bad, Bright Orange Fusion = Good !!! Fusion Phantom = Even Gooder...

I REMEMBERED THIS ONE. The smell of eternity is not trendy, fellers, the smell is HOYT's.

Hoyt's Cologne is so retro it's avant-garde. The scent is redolent of bergamot, neroli, oranges & lavender. The scent is delightfully decadent: squished exotic fruits & matted herbaceous vegetation in a weird wonderful distillation of a concoction. Perfect for any occasion or no occasion.

This is better living though chemistry.

This is Hoyt's Original 1868 Cologne.

5 oz plastic bottle.