The IRON SOCIETY Old Fashioned Men's Grooming Aid - Only a Few Left

The IRON SOCIETY Old Fashioned Men's Grooming Aid - Only a Few Left
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Product Description

The IRON SOCIETY Old Fashioned Mens Grooming Aid is an "old school" petroleum based pomade designed to keep your hair under control for that neat freshly combed look.

Although not water soluble, a few good washes and you'll be ready for a fresh layer.

Each jar of pomade is handmade at The Iron Society in good old Brooklyn NY so there's no question of quality or craftsmanship.


HOLD - This is a firm & strong Pomade & provides very good hold for those with Wild Hair or on a particularly windy day. This product will hold your hair in a hurricane.

CONTROL - you hair will be very Stable yet capable of motion with Steadfast.

Slickness - Super Slick & Sticks great, only your wildest hairs will be flyers

Shine - Just the right Shine. Not too much & not too little. Just Right ! Who'da thunk Shine could be well-balanced but this sure is !

Applicability - Super easy to apply. Soft consistency applies & spreads beautifully

Consistency - Soft & Buttery

Scent - Spicy & Smoky. Uber Masculine

Gets The Pomp's seal of approval.

3 oz jar & one of the most artistically designed & beautifully labeled jars out there !

Ingredients: White petrolatum, beeswax, lanolin and essential oils

Made in Brooklyn USA