JB WILLIAMS Co Tin Blade Blade Vault

JB WILLIAMS Co  Tin Blade Blade Vault
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Product Description

JB WILLIAMS Co Tin Blade Blade Vault

J.B. Williams Co made Williams Shave Cream & Aqua Velva aftershave lotion among other classic shaving products.

These blade vaults were promotional items to advertise the company and their products.

Not sure of the date but it is old. Provenance is "OEB" whoever he was, the initials are inked on bottom of the Vault.

One small ding on front, lower left. Usual nicks & minor scratchs. Front right (see photo) has a good sized scratched area. This bank is not as old as the Vandals so maybe OEB had a mischeivous l'il runt in the house with him.

These are not often found.

J.B. Williams Co Glastonbury Conn USA & (Canada) LTD Montreal.

Please pardon the camera "flash"