JOE LOUIS Hair Pomade - Full Tin - Very Rare

JOE LOUIS Hair Pomade - Full Tin - Very Rare
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JOE LOUIS Hair Pomade - Full Tin - Very Rare - Circa 1940s

Joe Louis was truly one of the world's legendarily great pugilist's, a practictioner extraordinaire of the "sweet science".

He reigned as World Heavy Weight Boxing Champion from 1937 - 1952.

Mr Louis wisely capitalized on his fame & notoriety by forming the "Joe Louis Products Co", HQ'd at #6 East Garfield Blvd, Chicago.

Among Mr Louis's products was this Hair Pomade. This specimen is circa 1940s. No one knows how many of these were produced but they are very very rare. If you ever are lucky enough to see one it will probably be the only one you'll see for the rest of your life.

This 4 oz red tin is full to the top with the original hair pomade.

There is some light rust along about 1/3 rd of the rim of the lid. If you know what you're doing this is more than likely mostly curable. All in all the tin is in very fine condition considering it's around 75 years old.

As Mike on American Pickers in wont to say "If you've never seen one before buy it ! " so I did.

If you are looking for something very rare & very special to acquire for your collection, consider this one. It'll definitely be one of the high lights of your collection.

This may be your only chance to aquire a specimen of this rarity & you'll most likely never find one better than this because they are hardly ever available for sale at any price.