LISTERINE Porcelain Blade Banks

LISTERINE Porcelain Blade Banks
In the early 1950s, LISTERINE, decided to muscle into the shaving cream business. If you can imagine what Listerine Shaving Cream smelled like & felt like on your mug, you can understand why their effort was a big "Ker-Plop" failure.

As part of their marketing strategy they gave away a very nice, made in USA, porcelain blade bank with the purchase of their new shaving cream.

Most popular were their "political blade banks", you could get a porcelain Donkey if you were a democrat or a porcelain elephant if you were a republican.

They also made one in porcelain as a highly stylized frog.

These are very nice quality banks & very collectible as both Barberiana collectors as well as MouthWashiana collectors avidly vie for these pieces.

Being porcelain, one might think they are rare due to breakage over the past 1/2 century but actually they are not uncommon & show up on eBay quite frequently.

The bottoms of all these are stamped "Listerine Shaving Cream For Used Blade Disposal Made in USA" or "Free with Listerine Shaving Cream Offer"

A nice addition to any Barberiana collection and perfectably useable.