OMEGA - Lucretia Borga Series

OMEGA - Lucretia Borga Series
One of the great all-time classic designs, Omega's stunning Lucretia Borgia figurado is hand turned in highest quality cinnabar amber which shimmers and scintillates in the light of any Shave Den fortunate enough to be graced by one of these beauties.

The voluptuos handles are accented by gold ringlets cinching the waist and choking the neck, presenting a classically elegant silhouette.

A Renaissance figure as gorgeous as its name-sake but not as poisonously treacherous. A world of shaving pleasure without the pain of Lucretia's dagger thrust in the heart. The love of the most famed woman in classical Italy without the inevitable death attendant to her bountious charms.

Lofted in your choice of Pure Badger, SilverTip Badger, Finest Silvertip Badger or Omega's state of the art Artificial Badger.

All the models are gathered here for your perusal and delectation. Find the Lucretia in the size and loft that is perfect for you.