Luxury Talcum Powders - Not Just For Babies Anymore

Luxury Talcum Powders - Not Just For Babies Anymore
How many times have you lovingly Talc'd the baby? Why Talc the Baby? Because Talc is good for the skin. It dries sweat, it reduces friction and irritation & it just plain smells good.

Treat your skin as good as you treat l'il Junior's or Susie's precious skin ! Skin is indeed precious & deserves the best treatment you can give it.

Reduce sweatiness in places you definitely don't want to stink :) Talc is the most delightful of deordorizers. Sprinkle a little into your shoes & your po'tired old dogs will be thanking you by feeling much better.

Sprinkle on your tender spots & your partner will be thanking you & make you feel much much better.

Our luxurious Talcs smell great, work great & are an inexpensive treat for you epidermis.

Sprinkle liberally & hear your skin sigh with gratitude