Lucky Tiger - CRU-BUTCH - Hair Control Wax - 1.5 oz STICK

Lucky Tiger - CRU-BUTCH - Hair Control Wax - 1.5 oz STICK
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Product Description

Lucky Tiger Cru-Butch Hair Control Wax in this handy dandy 1.5 oz stick, delivers premium hold to crew and buzz cuts as well as other short or dramatic VERTICAL hairstyles.

Lucky Tiger Cru-Butch Control Wax is stiff enough to make an Elvis style pompadour stand tall or out spike any Goth competition in your town.

Thinking Everly Brothers "Duck-Tails", you got it in about 15 seconds with this product.

Yet this lovely product is soft enough to work gently into the hair.

From stiff flattops to tight, slicked-down sides, to vertigo Vertical spikes, this versatile control wax keeps you looking as sharp as the day you left the barbershop.

Packaged in a handy jar Lucky Tiger Control Wax goes everywhere you do so you look your best at every turn.

Dab a little into your palms and apply. With Lucky Tiger Cru Butch & Hair Control Wax your hair will not only look good, it will feel good too. Your hair will have a nice, flake-free matte shine.

The Ultimate in Hair-Care To-Go for the dude that's On The Go !

For outrageously optimal hair care, use this control wax with Lucky Tiger 3 Purpose Hair Tonic.

With Lucky Tiger, the only limit to your hair style is your Imagination !

Handy 1.5 oz Stick, perfect for taking with you anywhere you go. Even the "size" Fascists at TSA can't bitch about this 1.5 oz format. Punches way out if it's weight class !