Manicure & Pedicure Tools

We spent a lot of time and research to find world class manicure and pedicure tools to offer in the store.

So how could we possibly compete in a competitive environment where you can find tools at brick'n'mortars everywhere?

Well, simply put, our strategy is to offer very cool and vastly superior products, plain and simple.

Read on to see what I mean....

You can find manicure & pedicure items out the wazoo at your dearly beloved '(china)-Mart' & chain drugstores. These are almost always cheap Chinese Junk that fall apart in a year or so.

You can find manicure & pedicure items at the mall in nicer department stores. Many of these come in cheesy leatherette "kit" cases that on first glance look nice, but they are still almost all Chinese Junk that will fall apart in a year or so leaving you with a cheesy leatherette case that's now empty of tools. Empty because you dear consumer "bit on it again" & bought crap because the price was crazy stupid low.

We're just sick and tired of Cheap Chinese Junk. It's pervasive and drives good products out of the market because many if not most consumers are Dilberts who just think about price.

Well, you get what you pay for and when you throw good money away on Chinese Junk that's just what you get: a totally inferior product, that delivers totally sub-par performance, at what seems like a low price. But consider this: is low price junk really a bargain over time?

I know, I know, several places around the ShoeBox, I rant & rave about Chinese Junk but you have to finally understand that when you visit China-Mart & buy crummy Chinese Junk it's not a value or a bargain, it's just junk; planetary killing, land fill overloading, trash that you'll throw out in a few months.

So our cool tools are more expensive but they are top quality, world class products that will last for years. The cutting edges of the tools are way sharper; the metallurgy is far superior; the ergonomics are well thought out; the design & craftsmanship is superb; and they will last for years and years. That my friends is True Value.

The cost of quality is actually less when prorated over the life of the tool and the effectiveness of the tool is far superior.