Manetti & Robert's BOROTALCO - 1000 gram Antique Style Tin ShakerZoom

Manetti & Robert's BOROTALCO - 1000 gram Antique Style Tin Shaker

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Manetti & Robert's BOROTALCO Talcum Powder 1000 gram antique style Tin Can Shaker

In the late 1800’s, when Signore Manetti and a Mr. Roberts of England joined together to create skin care products to sell at their little shop, "Florence Farmacia". They probably had high hopes when they opened the little shops doors but could they ever imagine that they were founding Italy's premiere brand in fine toiletries?

Manetti & Robert's is the marque of quality in Italy & their products are in every Italian home. One of the outstanding brands in the whole world & not even expensive considering M&R's magnificent quality & luxury.

Borotalco has been a tradition in the homes of Italy ever since. Borotalco powder is such a superior powder. It is one of Italy’s top selling personal care products. It has a silky feel and a fine delicate fragrance that will keep you fresh all day.

Enhance your sleeping experience with a dusting of Borotalco on the bed sheets.

1000 gram antique type Tin Can shaker bottle. Whoa !!! That's a whole danged KILOGRAM = 2.2 pounds of fabulousity in a collectible can !

Made in fabulous Florence Italy
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