MARVIS ToothPastes - One of the Best, if not THE BEST, in the World

MARVIS ToothPastes -  One of the Best, if not THE BEST, in the World
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Product Description

MARVIS are classic toothpastes from Italy: created using a long, precise traditional method which guarantees a thick texture and is therefore especially effective in heightening the intensity of the flavor and creating a refreshing, protective and whitening effect.

Stronger than American toothpaste and less sweet! Great packaging! Unique flavors!!

Coveted by Beauty Editors and "Beauty Junkies" Smash Mouth STRONG Flavors Tubes are so beautiful that they are used to "Stage" bathrooms by savvy realtors

Marvis flavors are created by offsetting the aroma of mint, to provide the freshness you need, and a long lasting pleasurable taste. The Marvis formula helps prevent tooth decay, fights tartar & plaque, and keeps your breath fresh All day long. The multitude of flavors offers a variety of choices to suit your personal needs and taste.

Use Pull-Down Menu to select Formulation.

GINGER MINT: a: “warm, fresh” note added to mint to create a subtly spicy effect.

AMARELLI LICORICE: A totally unique flavor profile. Made from the very finest Italian Amarelli Licorice.

75 ml metal tube with distinctive cap.

Made in Italy.