Merkur #142 Corn & Callous Razor with 10 blades

Merkur #142 Corn & Callous Razor with 10 blades
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Product Description

This is a tool that most guys don't have a clue about or even know exists, but believe me, the Ladies know about these.

This callous & corn razor is real relief for your tired old dogs. Shave callouses and corns down to relieve painful pressure points.

This is e/z p/z once you get the hang of it. Like safety razors, the trick is in the angle. Very very carefully shave very very thin slices off the painful protuberance with the blade cutting parallel to the growth.

If you are new to this remember the operative phrase is "thin slices", if you go in at too sharp or acute of an angle you'll be hopping around with a bleeding foot.

But when you've got the hang of it, this razor is a real godsend and a swell solution to a common podiatric problem.

We're offering the Merkur model since we want to purvey world class quality for your pedicare needs.

Of course, these just aren't for gents, although the "pitch" has been to them to enlighten their ignorance on this important topic and this important tool. So ladies, if you've been thinking of upgrading to a better quality pedicare shaver than the one you have, we would recommend our Merkur's to your attention. Merkur has been the mark of quality in shaving instruments for a 100 years.

Buy and use MERKUR with the utmost confidence.

Made in Solingen, Germany