Eckhard Kumpe is one of the last hair "dressers" in Europe. The twist is that Kumpe dresses animal hair. Muehle has a six decade long relationship with the Kumpe firm.

Kumpe sources the boar bristles from the best sources and the "dressing" process begins.

The bristles are sorted, bleached, cleaned and boiled twice.

On delivery the bristles are turned over to EMMA, an ideal employee who happily works 1, 2, or even 3 shifts. An employee who needs no breaks, no sick time, no vacations. EMMA is an in-house designed machine who only requires periodic maintenance breaks.

EMMA forms beautiful, consistent lofts from Herr Kumpe's bristles. To ensure proper symmetry, the lofts are clipped. The downside of clipping is that there are no bristle tips to split and soften as the brush is broken in by its owner. The upside is the loft has lots of back-bone and superb exfoliating qualities.