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MUEHLE MODERN Series - A-31 Series Best Badger

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Another innovative modern design from Muehle's design studio.

The loft is set in black acrylic which in turn is set in clear acrylic yielding a dramatic 3-D effect.

Ergonomic and as Muehle is wont to say "haptic" touch is added to the handle with notched finger grips.

Topped with a hand filled loft of Best Badger.

A distinctively different shave brush. (Pappi, you ain't in England anymore)

Use Pull-Down Menu to Select Size.

99-A-31 Ht: 94 mm Loft: 47 mm Base: 47 mm Knot: 19 mm

91-A-31 Ht: 102 mm Loft: 52 mm Base: 50 mm Knot: 21 mm

Dimensions approximate.

91-A-31 is $9 more than the smaller brush.

Made in Germany
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