Muehle Shave Sets

Muehle Shave Sets
These high quality shave sets from Muehle are offered at a substantial savings over the cost of each piece bought separately.

Muehle has really kicked up the stand industry with these stands as the design of the holder incorporates a small plastic rim bonded directly to the metal. This principle guarantees the optimum purchase of brushes and razors, as well as reliably protecting the shiny chrome surfaces against scratching.

3-parts, handles made of high-grade resin with chrome-plated metal parts or specially selected & treated woods:

Each set consists of: + stand made of metal, chrome-plated. bonded plastic inserts to hold razor & brush securely & protect them from scratching + medium sized shaving brush with pure badger + closed comb safety razor, compatible with classic razor blades

A perfect gift for yourself or someone special that will be appreciated for many years.

Made in Germany