My Nik Is Sealed - Buy Several and SAVE BIGZoom

My Nik Is Sealed - Buy Several and SAVE BIG

Item# 05-80-mnis
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Top quality styptic for sealing minor nicks and cuts.

Promotes healing with nourishing Aloe Vera, Vitamin A and Vitamin E.

Stops bleeding instantly by forming an invisible bandage.

Great not only in the shave den, but cache a few extra around: in your family First Aid Kit, in your Cars, in your workplace. Any place you might find it handy to have a "band-aid" near to hand.

So handy, in fact, that we are offering special pricing on multiples: 1 @ $6.29, 2 @ $12.29, 3 @ $18, 4 @ $22.00 5 @ $25.00

Use the handy Pull-Down Menu to pick your deal.

Handy roll-on applicator.
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