Omega 0146650 - Stunning, Carbon Fibre Effect Vase

Omega 0146650 - Stunning, Carbon Fibre Effect Vase
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Product Description

Omega 0146650 Hi-Brush

Hi-Quality, Hi-Performance combined with totally classy design.

Classic Vase in an incredibly gorgeous carbon fibre effect handle. Gorgeous, deep, rich carbon with a fractal splash of light silver threads flecking this lustrous surface. The finish is wondrously shimmering almost glistening like its wet with clear oil. You have not seen any color effect quite like this before, it is quite unique in every way.

The classic vase provides a sure grip with superb haptic ergonometry.

Dimensions (approximate):

Ht: 108 mm Loft: 58 mm Handle: 50 mm Knot: 25 mm

Designed & manufactured in Bologna,Italy