Omega 6242 - Stunning Italianate - Beautiful LoftZoom

Omega 6242 - Stunning Italianate - Beautiful Loft

Item# 06-02-om-6242
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Another classic and intricately worked Italianate Art Deco handle, hand turned in deep ivory veined highlighted acrylic resin. Gold Omega medallion affixed to the base. Truly stunning.

This is a large and most beautiful, timelessly classic brush available nowhere else in North America.

Lofted with a thick and luxurious knot of Pure Badger... Well, Omega calls it Pure Badger but as you can see from the photograph, any other company would call this Best or Silvertip badger. This is a beautiful loft.

Ht: 126 mm Loft: 61 mm Base: 65 mm Knot: 25 mm

Dimensions approximate.

Made in Italy
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