Omega #6550 - Superb ALPINE STAG Horn SilverTip - Very Limited ProductionZoom

Omega #6550 - Superb ALPINE STAG Horn SilverTip - Very Limited Production

Item# Omega-6550
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Once again, Omega artisans demonstrate their high level of craftsmanship in creating unique shaving brushes of the highest quality.

Hand made from natural Alpine Stag Horn, each of these stunningly beautiful handles in unique and one of a kind.

Lofted in the finest grade of Silvertip for the ultimate in luxury for the discerning shaver of means.

A true connossieurs brush.

Extremely limited production on this high-end model. We may have the only cache in the North American continent.

This is a large and most beautiful, timelessly classic brush available nowhere else in North America.

Ht: 121 mm Loft: 60 mm Base: 61 mm Knot: 25 mm

Dimensions approximate.

This brush is larger than it's cousin the #6551

Made in Italy
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