OMEGA Boar Brushes

OMEGA Boar Brushes
Omega has been producing the world's best boar bristle brushes for over 80 years.

As more and more discerning shavers started to get know and love Omega Boar, the Boar Renaissance was on !

We carry all of Omega's Boar Brushes. You will surely find a model and a price point that suits your personal esthethic and budget to a T.

Please note that the higher end Omega boars have specially treated tuft tips which are split and hold more water, creating a superb lathering experience, equaled by no other line of boar brushes.

If you are new to boar, you should know that a boar, unlike a badger, takes about 10 to 20 uses to break in. The tips soften and split and maximum performance capability is reached.

Your new boar loft is totally sanitized but may have a slight odor. If so, this will diminish after a few uses.

Welcome to the Boar Renaissance.
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