Omega #31064 Banded Boar

Omega #31064 Banded Boar
Item# OM-31064
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Product Description

Luxurious and lovely boar brush with a hand turned fluted and softly rounded handle.Turned in a cured in timeless and class baic black over clear acrylic.

The 310xx series is our best selling boar model line in Internet Sales and the 31064 is the best selling of the 310xx series.

This model is highly regarded by the Boar Illuminati.

Use Pull-Down Menu to select packaging format. 31064 comes in a plastic tube with a brush holder included. 81064 comes in a plastic box with a brush holder included.

31064 packaging is discontinued & only have a few left in stock.

Ht: 113 mm Loft: 59 mm Base: 54 mm Knot: 25 mm

Dimensions approximate.