Omega #31073 & #81073 Banded Boar

Omega #31073 & #81073 Banded Boar
Item# OM-31073
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Product Description

A distinctive brush in Gold, faceted sturdy ABS. Lovely banded boar loft.

This brush has the same highest quality, tuft treated boar loft as the others in the 31xxx series but the ABS handle is not nearly as expensive as the fancy lathed acrylic handles so you save about 50%.

31073 had a slight packaging change & for some reason Omega thought they had to change the # on it to 81073. The 31073 & 81073 Brush are exactly the same only the plastic packaging changed from one thin plastic box to another thin plastic box

Ht: 109 mm Loft: 57 mm Base: 52 mm Knot: 23 mm

Dimensions approximate.

Made in Italy.