Omega  #653x.15 Gorgeous Rosewood with Custom StandZoom

Omega #653x.15 Gorgeous Rosewood with Custom Stand

Item# Om-653415-653515
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Bold, innovative, stylish and remarkably ergonomic!!!

A new generation of brush from a new generation of designers thinking OUT OF THE BOX...Way out of the box.

The twisted handle in finest ROSEWOOD is ergonomic and incredibly comfortable, in hand. It just feels and fits, RIGHT, like it belongs. Totally Tacile.

Use Pull-Down Menu to select Pure Loft or SilverTip Loft.

Custom stand, in gold, is included.

Ht: 153 mm Loft: mm Handle: mm Knot: 24 mm

Dimensions approximate.

#6534.15 SilverTip is $110

Made in Italy
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