OMEGA - Razor & Brush - FB Group SPECIAL Limited Edition Boar

OMEGA - Razor & Brush - FB Group SPECIAL Limited Edition Boar
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Product Description

Was tearing thru my Omega racks looking for a brush ths morning & much to my surprise found a 6 pack of these which I'd had marked "Out of Stock" as a sell out....Well, now they're marked back in stock until the 6 are sold. Buy one or buy'em all.

Exclusive, special & very limited edition boar model from OMEGA to commemorate the Razor & Brush FaceBook Group.

Beautiful, lathe turned, highest quality resin handle in the Tri-Color of the Italian national flag.

Specially labeled with a very classy gold knot ring.

Lofted in Omega's best quality unclipped boar for fast break-in & split tip softness.

This is a big, beautiful, heavy & hefty brush destined to be a collector's item as this is a special & very limited production run (only 200 brushes made).

BTW - Omega liked this brush so much they but the handle into production but with out the special marking & their regular quality boar

Dimensions (approximate):

Loft: 65mm Knot: 27mm

Made in Italy.