Parker 66-S Variant (Adjustable) DE Razor

Parker 66-S Variant (Adjustable) DE Razor
Item# Parker-66S-Variant
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Product Description

The Parker Variant Adjustable DE Razor!

Blade angle can be adjusted by turning the knob on the bottom of the razor, so that the exposure & aggression can be set to each your preference.

Blade angle adjusts via a dial at the bottom with settings from 1-5. 1 being the mildest and 5 the most aggressive.

Customizable settings can accommodate differences in facial hair thickness, skin type, preference and experience level.

Two Piece Adjustable Safety Razor ensures a precise blade alignment at the setting of your choice.

Weight: 4 oz./110g Length: 4 in.

Genuine brass frame, satin chrome plated

Made in India