PACIFIC Safety Razor Co - Pivoting Head with Dual-Gap Safety Bar - VERY RARE

PACIFIC Safety Razor Co - Pivoting Head with Dual-Gap Safety Bar - VERY RARE
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Product Description

You can Google all day & night & not turn up info on the Pacific Safety Razor Co.

This Pacific Safety Razor Co model is a 3 piece razor with several unique & rather interesting, if not down-right bizarre, features (discussed below)

As best as I can tell, using info on specially made "Chex-It" styptic pen which is located in hidden compartment inside the razor handle, this razor was made in the late 1940s or early 1950s as the LA mail code for the company is "27" and the Chex-It company locates itself in Glendale, "Calif". So am Sherlocking that this predates the modern zip-code system.

This razor is very very rare and has several interesting features:

1) a "pivoting" head which allows the auto-pogonotomist to vary the angle of "attack" on the whiskers to be whacked

2) The base plate is metal but the actual "safety bars" are color coded plastic. Each side of the safety bar presents a different blade gap to allow the auto-pogonotomist to semi-control the aggressiveness of the shave.

The purple plastic rod side of the safety bar has less blade exposure, hence less aggression.

The clear plastic rod side of the safety bar has more blade exposure, hence more aggression.

3) The handle is big & fat with long notches which make it very gripable. The handle is hollow with a screw off bottom that reveals a secret interior compartment.

This specimen has the original "hidden" item included, a Chex-It styptic pencil made specially for The Pacific Safety Razor Company, LA 27. If I'm lying, I'm dying :)

The proud owner could if he so wanted & so inclined, remove the styptic pencil & secret contraband in the handle or could secret non-contraband items such as a small nail-clipper, etc.

The razor comes in it's original plastic clam shell type case which features a black bottom and in ivory lid.

The bottom of the case in lined with a gray woolish covered piece of cardboard assuring you that you are indeed the proud & very rare owner of

"Safety Razor PACIFIC Los Angeles" " Co. CAL"

I have no idea of how many of these were made or sold but since the company is totally defunct & non-Googlable, this is truly a very very rare specimen.

The only reason this is only $99, is that while super rare, it is also super unknown :)

BTW - if you buy this puppy, handle with care as it comes loaded with the original "no-name" de blade which I left in place to demonstrate the unusual blade-gap feature.

You'll also receive one, vintage, Personna blade inside the case.