Pinaud Clubman LILAC VEGETAL AfterShave

Pinaud Clubman LILAC VEGETAL AfterShave
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Pinaud Clubman Lilac Vegetal After Shave

One of my personal favorite scents of all time. I splash it on & wear it constantly.

The following copy is a cut'n'paste of a review that I posted at a world famous "Fragrance Forum" a few years back.


This is my first review here at World Famous Fragrance Forum and I approach it with some trepidation as I'm neither a good writer nor do I possess all that discerning of a "nose".

So while my reviews may not be very helpful, they will be honest.

So let's start with an old, old classic, Pinaud's Lilac Vegetal....

You should know up front, that I wanna smell OLD at "YeOldeSweatShoppe & Cubicle Farm ". This is definitely a classic scent an in and of itself a very old scent -- Lilac Vegetal being one of the oldest, continually produced gentleman's scents.

Commissioned regally & specifically to the House of Ed. Pinaud about 200 years ago (in 1810) by the King Of Hungary for of all things (GET THIS) his personal CAVALRY troop. Evidently, their collective "Stank" so offended His Highnesses nose that he had his Ambassador in Paris hand deliver a pleading commission to the renowned Edouard Pinaud to create this fragrance especially for His Majesty's Court Horse Troop.

Pinaud delivered, boy, did he ever deliver. And what he delivered was LILAC VEGETGAL, one of the classic masculine scents of all time, a timeless classic appreciated right up to this day 203 years later !

The genius of Ed. Pinaud's nose is on full display with this scent, it mutates through more notes & phases than a virus & each mutation is wonderfully sublime...

If you've never tried it, lemme tell'ya when you first splash it on,

it STINKS to HIGH HEAVEN, like the miasma from a newly "stewing" compost heap wafting from your flesh. The opening note is "Cat Urinesque", I reckon this is the "Vegetal" part of the name.

After about 2 or 3 minutes it dries down to a Lovely (imho) "powdery lilac" which lasts a long long time. Very subtle & masculine but also old, very old, LOL, like 200 years old.

Maybe, I love this oleur because when I was a young kid (long ago & far away) this was the scent mortician's splashed on dead men for "viewing" times....Yes, the scent of death on display.....Try it out....IF YOU DARE.

I can't see you younger fella's wearing it unless you're one of them there Goths or you're a rebel against the current batch of designer badged laboratory scents worked out by a corporate "fragrance" committee. Believe me, none of your peers are going to match this. This product can "clear the aisles" as it has sillage that fills the air for gmiles around the wearer, so you may not have as many friends as you do now if you start wearing it but the friends that remain will be your True Friends, your BFF's :)

Pinaud products are a safe blind buy as all of them are very inexpensive. So if you've never worn Lilac Vegetal just buy a bottle and try it out. You'll either love it or you'll hate. If it's "hate" then just play it forward or pass it on or give it to Grampaw for Christmas, he'll love it ! ===========================================================

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