PINAUD CLUBMAN - Classic Men's Toiletries Since 1810

PINAUD CLUBMAN - Classic Men's Toiletries Since 1810
The illustrious Pinaud brand and its Clubman line of fine men’s toiletries have been a gentleman's favorite since they were first introduced in 1810 when Edouard Pinaud, a renowned & respected perfumer, opened his shop in Paris.

The house of Ed. Pinaud, as it was called, sold perfumes, aftershaves, shaving soaps, creams, powders and dozens of other skincare and grooming products.

Pinaud's clientele include european nobility & captains of industry.

Pinaud’s specialties included the Eau de Quinine, a fragrance for hair, as well as perfumes by the name of Violette Reine, Brise embaumee Violette, Boquet de Foscarina, Genet d’Or and Marie Louise.

Pinaud also served as the perfumer for the court of Napoleon III and created his first aftershave, Lilac Vegetal for the Hungarian calvalry.

He later launched his Clubman line of products, commissioning an artist to create the trademark dapper Frenchman for the labels.

During the pharmaceutical era of the early 1900’s, Pinaud’s products gained popularity around the world. Under the direction of the company’s new owner Victor Klotz, more that 150,000 bottles of Eau de Quinine were sold monthly.

The United States, Canada, Mexico and Cuba all proved to be successful markets for the products. American International Industries, Los Angeles, California, acquired the brand and its Clubman line almost 30 years ago.

Today, Clubman offers a wide range of fine yet inexpensive men’s toiletries. Current scents of lime, citrus, rum, musk, and vanilla, but the old standbys like Lilac Vegetal After Shave Lotion and Eau De Quinine cologne still hold their own in the marketplace.

Bob Hope was a lifelong fan of the products, as are Kirk Douglas and Donald Trump, which proves that quality never goes out of style.

Several of the Clubman products have been on personal favorites list for years. I'm 63 & remember the redolent scents of the ol'Time Barber Shops & eau de Clubman was in every barber shop & always fragrancing the air.

I had not offered Clubman prior to now (Fall 2013) because they were generally available in the big drugstore chains & the various C(hina Junk)-MARTS. I decided to carry them because I still love & use the products myself, they are disappearing from the chain's shelfs and I've gotten many a customer request to carry now we do & are very glad to be offering these classic & historic products.

BTW - Pinaud fans, checkout the Clubman By Pinaud Fan Group on FaceBook. Great bunch of guys who are real Pin(aud) Heads :)
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