Pomades & Brilliantines

Pomades & Brilliantines
Back in the day, a man wouldn't leave the house without a dab of Pomade in his hair. Back in the day, Gent's liked to be as well groomed, as well coiffed & as well as they could be.

Pomades set a man off as being a well groomed man. Brilliantines put a shine on his hair to light a fire in a special gal's heart.

Nothing said "Courtship" like a a gent pomaded & brilliantined, coming to Call. Serious business & special business. Pomade, brilliantine & style were all a big part of it.

More men are emerging from our culture of total slobbism & making a statement that they're different, they actually care about themselves & how they present to the world, their jobs & their Women.

So Pomades are on the come back and deservedly so.

Interestingly enough, ladies who are sporting shorter hair styles are dipping into pomade jars to enhance their hair. The Lucky Tiger Cru-Butch is also superb for short hair styles whether you're going "Full Flat-Top, Fenders Down" or something less rad, you'll love what Lucky Tiger can do for you & it smells great too !

Pomades are easy as pie to use, just distribute a thin layer onto the palm of your hand and softly sweep into the hair to smoothen the style.

No need to rub or massage the product in.

Remember your treating the top of your hair with Pomades, not the roots....but we have some fine Hair Tonics too for vigorously massaging into your roots & scalp if you're needing some invigorating Root care.

We feature old school classic pomades & briliantines & hope you check back on occasion for future offerings.

There are some fine "new school" pomades around but they are way way pricier than the "old school" labels & I really doubt if they work any better. We may in future decide to offer a few of the very best of the "new school" pomades but then again we may not :)

If you have a fave Pomade or Brilliantine you'd like to see us offer, shoot us an e/m (gary@shoeboxshaveshop.com)& let us know what you're thinking.

As we run across them, we'll also be adding Vintage Pomades & Brilliantines both here & in the Barberiana Section of the shop. Can's like the Joe Louis Pomade - yeah, Crazy Expensive but Crazy Rare & the Crown Jewel in any Pomade Collection. Talk about classing up the Shave Den :)

Pomades should be thought about in regard to following qualities.

HOLD - The strength of the pomade. This will correlate with how high you can pomp or otherwise Style.

CONTROL - How well your hair moves in response to your comb thanks to the pomade. This correlates with how easy it will be to style.

SLICKNESS - How well your hair sticks with the Pomade. This correlates with fly away hairs and how clean the comb lines will appear.

SHINE - The luster of the pomade. As a rule, oil based Pomades give a high shine while water based Pomades don't give much shine.

APPLICABILITY - How easy/difficult the pomade is to apply to the hair. Relates to CONSISTENCY

CONSISTENCY - The creamy/gooey Factor. A good consistency would be something similar to butter. A bad consistency would be pomade that is really thick and sticky. Basically how well the pomade breaks down in your palms. RELATES to APPLICABILITY

SCENT - The Waft, the olfactory experience.

For a real education on Pomades, along with great reviews, a blog, a 'tude & a Pom forum, check out one of my absolute fave non-shaving sites, THE POMP


The Pomp is da'Bomb. Do yourself a favor & check it out. Tell'em ShoeBox sent'ya :)

Stay Tuned !