Pre De Provence - The Best SHEA BUTTER Skincare from France

Pre De Provence - The Best SHEA BUTTER  Skincare from France
If you have ever been to France you know they can be very SNIPPY folk. Usually, they tend to be snippy about the good things in life.

Cuisine ? Very SNIPPY

Wine ? Very Very SNIPPY

Cheese ? Very SNIPPY

Shea Butter ? Very Very SNIPPY

Prehaps it's because Shea Butter Trees abounded in their old African colonies or prehaps it's just that the French really care more tha most about skincare, but for whatever reason, the French are crazy about Shea Butter.

And with good reason, Shea Butter is one of the very best natural ingredients you can use on your skin. It moisturizes and hydrates. It promotes healing. It promotes healthy skin.

And The Brand for the finest shea butter skincare products in France is PRE DE PROVENCE.

Provence has been the center of the most exquisitely crafted soaps in Europe for over 600 years. Generation upon generation of families have been involved in soap making.

The tradition of the grand old Soap Masters lives on in Provence.

PRE DE PROVENCE combines this historic legacy of traditional Provencal soap making with the finest of skin care ingredients, enriched by lovely Shea Butter in high concentrations.

Whether for shaving or for bathing, treat yourself or a loved one to PRE DE PROVENCE. Your skin will love you for it.

Believe me, PRE DE PROVENCE products are much nicer than and superior to those Provencal products you may be buying at one of those chain stores at the Mall. You know which one I mean. And you'll save a nice chunk of change over Mall prices also.